We fulfill this mission by encouraging cooperation among business entities, governmental agencies, and other professional organizations. We achieve this by training our work force and strictly following operational guidelines established up by our clients.

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We are a professional material handling company whose mission is to assist our customers with their domestic and international needs for material handling and transportation under the tough environmental condition.

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What actions should be taken by the insured when the insured event?

Even being absolutely confident in your luck, you need to be prepared for the fact that some kind of story happens. In this case, you have long since insured all your property, body parts and the health of all relatives.

So, what exactly needs to be done if this case still came. And so, in order:

Before signing an insurance contract, it will be useful to read the corresponding clause in it. This clause must comply with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Insurance”, other regulatory and legal acts relating to insurance and the rules of the insurance company itself.

It is desirable during the day, and better - before, to notify the insurance company about what happened or their partners, if you are in another country. Write down in advance in your phone the contacts specified in the insurance contract. Most often this is a toll-free 24-hour support line. Its staff will answer all your questions and tell you what actions to take next.

Within 7 days from the moment of occurrence of the insurance situation (except for situations when you do not have such an opportunity for health reasons), you need to visit the insurance company, provide it with all the details of the insured event and write a statement about the reimbursement of funds. For you, this can be done by an agent specified in the insurance contract.

To compensate for insurance claims, you will need:

  • ♦ passport;
  • ♦ TIN;
  • ♦ documents establishing the rights of an insurance person, beneficiary or heir by law;
  • ♦ evidence of the occurrence of SS from the competent authorities (from the medical institution with the disease or others, from the traffic police in case of an accident, and from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for illegal actions);
  • or any other bank's credit card campaign that suits you the best.

After the insurance company establishes the accuracy of all the documents and data provided, it must, within the period stipulated by the contract, make its decision on refund or refusal, substantiating it in detail.

Try to avoid accidents, take care of your health and property. Remember that paramount is still your health and only then - the property. And only the degree of safety of everything depends on the actions taken (or not) by you. You also should know that every single situation occurred has an outcome. And you always have means for resolving it. We wish you will not have such situations.